Perrin's path in Myrtle Beach

Flickr user pricelessly

Driving over the Bypass, on to Grissom Parkway I always wondered what that little path to the right of Grissom. I always thought it was just some construction pathway left there when the overpass was built.

But, It turns out that little path into the woods is an exercise and nature path. Perrin's Path is a 1.2 mile pathway that runs from 48th Avenue North to 62nd Avenue North is meant to look a little overgrown and transport its travelers to a quieter space in hopes of not only getting some exercise but also take a break from the sounds of traffic. The path, named after a former city employee and outdoor lover, Perrin Lawson, Jr has been a long project in the making. 

There are some big plans for the path and has all the details on the future of Perrin's Path. You can also watch their report on the pathway by clicking on over to their site.  

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