Rehydrate with BANa at the Cooper River Bridge Run

You probably know what to eat and what stretches to do before Charleston’s Cooper River Bridge Run or any race. But do you know the best way to prevent and treat dehydration—BANa, the serious rehydration drink.

A rehydration drink created by a Charleston physician, BANa is based on the concept of the saline IV. It was designed to work faster, cheaper and without invasive measures. Drink an ice cold BANa before the race to pre-hydrate and prevent dehydration, during to stay hydrated and after to ease any symptoms of dehydration, like muscle cramps and nausea.

Connect with BANa at the 34th Annual Cooper River Bridge Run:

  • Download the SCVNGR mobile app, find the “Bridge Run Trek” and complete a series of challenges before, during and after the race for a chance to win a gift basket (valued at over $100) filled with goodies from BI-LO and BANa. Players are encouraged to share their SCVNGR activities on Facebook and Twitter, and players that earn more than 7 points before April 9 will be entered to win one of three gift baskets.
  • Come by the BI-LO tent at the Children’s Race at Hampton Park on April 1 and play the kids’ version of “Drink BANa, Not That”
  • Stop by the BANa tent at the Race Expo at the Gaillard Auditorium on March 31 and April 1
  • Sample the product at the BANa Rehydration Station in Marion Square after the race
  • Play the “Drink BANa, Not That” game at the BANa Rehydration Station for a chance to win prizes from BANa. Everyone who plays wins!

BANa contains 800 mg of sodium (600 mg in kids formula) per $2 container, which replaces lost fluids and helps retain those newly taken in. Popular sports drinks have a fraction of the sodium needed for rehydration, ranging from 0 to 232 mg (232 mg in 16.9 oz of Gatorade). Additionally, BANa contains 0 calories, 0 grams of sugar (popular sports drinks contain eight to 28 grams) and 1 carb. It is also loaded with beneficial vitamins.

BANa was first created for endurance athletes that become dehydrated during exercise or competition. Marathon runners, football players, triathletes and others have benefited from its hydrating properties.

BANa is available for purchase at various locations in South Carolina, and will be on shelves in all BI-LO grocery stores prior to the run. Purchase BANa online at Connect with BANa on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news and exclusive discounts.


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