Scam Alert: Police are coming to arrest you (phone scam)

According to WMBF News the North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Department is warning residents of a phone scam of people who are posing as police investigators.

An unnamed resident who recieved a call from these scammers and was called by name and told the called that they were with the "Crime Investigations" or another law enforcement agency.

The called claimed to the victim that they had a "legal affidavit" or "legal case file" againstĀ  them and with legal charges in force and the police where en route to the victims home to arrest them.

After the caller insisted on the sensitive and timely nature of the matter, the caller then asked the victim to clear the matter by calling the direct number 980-263-2142, saying if the victim didn't they would start procedures against the victim.

Pat Dowling the city spokesman for the city said the if you call the requested phone number, you may be told to forward money in order to rectify the "case" they have against you.

North Myrtle Beach residents or visitors who receive such a call are advised to hang up and contact the North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Department at 280-5511.

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