We've got the Power! Eastbound & Down picks up Myrtle Beach

It has been three weeks since the debut of the third and final season of the hit HBO series, Eastbound & Down. Danny McBride and Jody Hill have reached the pinnacle of their work centered around the infamous Kenny Powers. Since Powers has hit break on his boogie board in our tourist town it has been pandemonium. The only question that needs to be answered is how will this fare in the future?

Myrtle Beach thrives during the summer as a tourist and resort town. The majority, nearly all, of our income comes from out-of-state patrons. What better way to help market our town than weekly national publicity on HBO. Millions of viewers globally have come to adore McBride’s character, Kenny Powers. The primary demographic for show range from teenagers to adults.

I have received praise and envy from friends all over the country because I live in the town where the show is being set. I am consistently barraged with questions such as “Have you been to a Myrtle Beach Mermen game yet?” or “Have you seen Kenny Powers around town? It is surreal but the show has increased public attention on Myrtle Beach. The Myrtle Beach Pelicans are already selling merchandise in honor of the show. Eastbound & Down Merchandise has been the new hot commodity around town.

We can only look forward to the upcoming months and the attention that the show will bring forth.

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