What it Takes: Charleston Magazine style editor Ayoka Lucas

Q: What are you top three people, places and things that inspire you the most?

A: People? God, my son and my haters Places? New York - my home away from home. Things? My extensive fashion mag collection, music, and interior design. I love the structure of things, decor and placement.

Q: Describe the worst fashion faux pas.

A: I'm very open when it comes to style and self-expression so my faux pas list is not long however I am a strong believer in night time shoes as oppose to flip flops on the ladies. When your out and about on the town in a great party dress--never forget the shoes count (men, too)! Comfort is nice but not necessary.

Q: Discuss your daily morning routine.

A: It starts at 5 a.m. A thankful prayer, because there is a difference. I then read a chapter in the bible. Next, yoga and answer emails. I take my son to the bus stop, come home and head to the wardrobe and check my long list for the day. Lastly, I head out to conquer.

Q: What, if anything, would you have changed about CFW 2009?

A: My wardrobe...

Q: The future of fashion in Charleston?

A: It will be a continuing growth spurt. More designers, hair and make-up artist, models, stylists, fashion bloggers and writers and a re-energized economy. I think we are going to see more success stories on a national level. I can only hope to inspire or be apart of helping connect the dots for emerging talent and the local retail community to achieve those goals. 

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