Where in Myrtle Beach can you experience the BEST cup of coffee or tea? Solid, rich, and smooth as it tantalizes the palate?

Coffee Cave offers the finest flavor of brews. The Caveman’s Brew, Sunrise, and Howling Wolf are bold daily favorites.The baristas skillfully make all the traditional favorites while experimenting to find the perfect blend of other crowd pleasing flavors. They boast of a savory chocolate and hazelnut drink masterfully similar to Nutella which is available as an Espresso, Hot Chocolate, or cold Cave’Occino.

The Coffee Cave has something for everyone. The menu includes uniquely named drinks for the Dudes and the Skirts. Hot/cold coffees, hot/cold teas, and cold/hot chocolates in which flavors such as mocha, caramel, chai, mint, raspberry, vanilla, etc. can be added for a “create your own” flavor.

Other specialty beverages include a Fireball Tea Latte, a Cinnamon Roll Espresso, and a Fried Ice cream Cave’Occino. Scintillating original hot teas include Strawberry Sundae and Blueberry Candycane. The Coffee Cave baristas enjoy the challenge of combining flavors to match familiar tastes such as an Almond Joy espresso or hot chocolate and the Coffee Cave version of a White Lightning.

Health conscious patrons enjoy the Blueberry Acai Pomegranate Tea or iced Fruit Fuser as well as the tropical hot tea with coconut and pineapple flavors. Non-caffeinated drinks such as apple juice, lemonade, milk, and decaffeinated teas are also scrumptious.  

Have you experienced the Best kept Secret in Myrtle Beach yet?

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