We are a small group of entrepreneurs that have found a need and a solution to organize the sport of kiteboarding and most importantly keep it safe. We have been working diligently to achieve our dream but it seems every door has been shut on us. We need your help!

We are working with the Surfrider Foundation to help preserve the oceans, beaches and keep kitesurfers and beach-goers safe. Kitesurfing can be a very dangerous sport without the proper training and education. This year irresponsible behavior has resulted in serious injury and even a death in Florida. A large percentage of the money will go to the Surfrider Foundation and the rest will fund WindyMoose so all kitesurfers are aware of local kitesurfing rules, regulations, etiquette and general safety. Our goal is to raise $10,000 in 60 days starting May 25th 2010. Prizes will also be rewarded for each pledge but best of all you will be able to follow our progress from the very beginning.


This sport has been around for roughly 10 years but if you go to almost any beach on a windy day you will see tons of these things flying around in the sky! I know a 12 year-old and an 82-year old that kite; Male or Female, old or young, everyone can do it. The sport has been blowing up the past 2 years and you even see hints of it in popular TV commercial ads such as Nissan and even both founders of GOOGLE kitesurf. The biggest satisfaction for me is when I see someone new have that same permanent smile stuck to their face like I did when I first tried it. I tell people all the time: “this is the most fun (and addicting) thing you will ever do”!

What is Windy Moose?

Okay, I could talk for days about how cool this sport is but I’ll cut to the chase, this is what I want to do. Being that this sport is very new; there are no sufficient sources of information available. There are a few sites that give a little data but it’s all very unorganized and confusing. Unlike other sports, you need favorable wind, weather, and marine conditions. Kiters check the wind and conditions numerous times daily like it’s their religion. From Charleston to California, I’m confronted by someone out of town asking: what’s the wind doing, where to kite, what are the rules, where are the closest hotels to riding spots,…etc. There are several beautiful and untapped riding spots all over the world that people have no idea about. All of these needs are a great opportunity, but most importantly I want people to know local kiting rules and be well informed. Certain areas are very dangerous and I have seen some very close calls.  This year a kiter in Florida died from unknowingly kiting in shark infested waters. My cause will keep everyone educated, informed and safe.

The answer to all of this: The information source for all kitesurfing data such as wind, weather, safety, riding spots, locations, and specific information for each area (must have license to kite, no kiting on weekends, etc). Traveling kiters can login and check specific guidelines and conditions according to the destination. Local kiters will have a page to discuss the the best spot of the day. Windy Moose will be a social media tool with communications, blogs, and all the info a kiter could ever need. The main thing I want is this sport to be safe for everyone.

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