Rethinking the Charleston Single House

Image by Street View of the new single house

Tommy Manuel, an architect originally from just up the road in Swansea, has been working on a modern interpretation of the iconic Charleston Single House and was asked to share his unique design with Modern in Charleston.  

Having grown up not far from here he has spent a lot of his time in our fair city, and the fact he is an architect has helped him become well versed in the architecture of our historic city.  

Tommy splits his time between New York and rural South Carolina and back in 2007, on one of his many trips to the Lowcountry, a converstation with his now-finace became the spark for his rethinking of the single house form.  His design has been provided to be the beginning (or continuation of) the conversation of how to integrate modern design within the historic fabric of Charleston.

To see his design and join in on the conversation visit Modern in Charleston