Massive East Edisto development coming back to life

Image by MeadWestvaco One of many "Corner Communities."

Truth be told, I've been putting off sharing my two cents on the latest turn of the East Edisto project.

First off there's the nagging since that our readership just doesn't care about a would-be massive development 40 miles from downtown Charleston. And there's the fact that this is a massive development with untold intricacies and a huge backstory. 

But today I told myself, those two reasons are just why I should do something on it. -- This development stands to be massive and completely change the public's interaction with 120 square miles on the western edge of the tri-county area.

Homes, schools, civic building, shopping districts, higher education facilities, miles of paths and even commuter rail are all in the vision for the next 50 (yes, fifty) years.

There are four things I think you should look at:

1) The Post and Courier's map of the area.

2) The Post and Courier's story -- note the box with the timeline.

3) The Summerville Journal Scene's story -- for a slightly different take.

4) The East Edisto Web site -- drawings, maps, etc.