REVISION : A comprehensive enlightenment of Charleston's lost history

Did you know...
...that George Washington had an illicit affair with Lavinia Fisher?
...that Patrick Swayze saved a dolphin on Sullivan's Island?
...that the Dalai Lama loves Bubba Gumps?
...your parents are not who they say they are?

Learn about these and many other interesting facts about the history of Charleston, SC, in this exhibit curated by highly acclaimed historian, scholar and dancer, Andrew Smock. This intellectually stimulating show will be featured at King Dusko on King Street from April 24th through 30th. There will be an opening reception on Friday, April 25th from 6 until 8 pm. There will be no lecture. In fact, anyone who attempts a lecture, Q&A, or roundtable discussion will be prosecuted and sent to Charleston County Detention Center immediately to make a little history for yourself, know what I am saying?