Rhythm in the Night: The Irish Dance Spectacular

April 5 & 6

Rhythm in the Night is an epic  journey derived  from a tale of  good versus evil  where deception  reigns and  temptation rivals the strongest  of  wills.   The story unfolds during the dark ages when the land was  ruled  by the  wicked seductress Azura, whose spell has  trapped the legendary  hero Balor under her  control to command  her legion of relentless henchmen.  Unable to free himself, hope remains lost for all those in the kingdom…until now.​

In a final attempt to rescue their leader, the  people have  called upon Balor’s  loving   companion  Aisling  along  with  his  younger  brother  Solas  and  their  knights  to release  him from  Azura’s  spell and restore peace to the divided  kingdom.   As the  storm rolls in and  the lightning  crashes,  redemption  will  rise  from  the   shadows  in the  legend that has come  to  be known as Rhythm in the Night. ​

​​The tale of Rhythm in the  Night is  told through Irish dance with a world class troupe of both male  and  female  dancers.  Adding  to  the  drama  and  excitement  of  the production, Rhythm in the Night  features an original soundtrack that delivers  an  orchestral atmosphere of  epic  proportions.   The  battle  scenes transcend the struggle of dark versus light as lightning fast  rhythms  and  a  thunderous  dance troupe  display  Irish  dance  like never  before seen.  Rhythm in the Night will be  a  performance the entire  family can  enjoy as it turns an age-old art form into the most exciting Irish dance spectacular ever to be experienced!