Cyclocross in Myrtle Beach (Update: Race recap, video)

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Update March 5, 2012:  Twenty-four hours of straight downpour didn't stop the Myrtle Beach Triathlon from slushing through the mud in their first-ever cyclocross event.

Twenty runners/cyclist showed up to compete in the race. While the rain played a nice factor in the race, "King of the Mountain" gave the participants a nice challenge at the end to top it all off. 

Finishers and their times:

  • 31:34 Enoel Hidalgo
  • 32:37 Jason Nifong
  • 35:03 Wade Davis
  • 35:10 Jimmy Mckay
  • 35:20 Ron Chraistina
  • 35:45 Yordan Gerozev
  • 36:02 Robert Vititoe
  • 38:17 Joey Arakas
  • 38:23 Eric
  • 38:38 M.J. Schwarts
  • 43:50 Derek Burger
  • 43:53 Shelby Chraistina
  • 44:04 Lonnie Kaye
  • 44:17 Pete Politis
  • 46:47 Mike Farish
  • 47:14 Donnie Brooks
  • 48:28 Janey Mitchell
  • 49:36 Elena Novikova
  • 51:52 Mary Burrows Woolford
  • 51:53 Jennifer Kiper
  • Check out the video from the Myrtle Beach Triathlon Group for a video replay of the event.  

    First report:  If you are wondering what cyclocross even is, don't feel as if you are alone. A mixture of cycling and cross training, the members of the Myrtle Beach Triathlon Club are holding a trial event. 

    This Sunday, March 4, from 7:30 to 10:30 a.m. the Myrtle Beach Triathlon club will be holding their first cyclocross event. Limited to 40 participants with priority given to club members, the event looks to incorporate a mix of mountain biking, obstacle course, and trail/hill running over four laps on a two-mile course. This race will be the first of a series of points races for the MBTC.

    For those that are interested in attending this event, MBTC suggest parking at the YMCA across the Intercoastal Waterway and making your way over the bridge, looping under using the bike path. Check out the map below or visit their Facebook page for more details.  

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