#MYRsports: Starting a running routine one step at a time

photo by flickr user Natick Soldier Systems Center

Is it me or does it feel like everyone is a runner these days?  Couch potatoes I've known my whole life are suddenly posting multiple times a day on Facebook about their progress towards their first 5K.  I'm not typically one to follow the crowd, but there might be something to this latest trend among my thirty and forty-something friends.

No one here is arguing that running can be part of that healthy and active lifestyle everyone keeps telling us is so important.  But I'll admit it.  Maybe it's just me, but taking those first few steps, especially for someone who isn't in the best shape, can feel a little intimidating - even daunting. 

Daniel Brass, owner of the Black Dog Running Company in Myrtle Beach, shares four tips in this Grand Strand Sports Report article, for getting started.  The first is sign up for a race at least five weeks out.  If you're looking to get that 5K on the calendar, have a look at this upcoming race list from the Grand Strand Running Club. 

If you're looking for some motivation, there are several great apps for your smartphone.  Check out this Couch to 5K app that takes you from zero running to race hero in eight weeks.  Have another you love?  Let us know in the comments!

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