Examining Phelp's Columbia incident, and how an iPhone bested the swimmer

Image by Flickr user CubanoConFlickr Image by 20091209-beer-pong.jpg Phelp's downfall night began with some heavy betting on beer pong.

The State has a story that expands on what happened the night that Phelps was snapped hitting a water bong.

It's a good read, describing Phelps betting heavy on beer pong at the start of the evening and then talking about what he was doing in town, and who might have snapped the pic.

But, my favorite bit was this:

USC student Cason Milner — first denied, then told a reporter from The State he took a photo of Phelps at that house on his iPhone.

But he insists it wasn’t the photo that ran in the tabloid because, he said, he lost his phone with the photo.

So there's absolutely no proof that this kid's photo was the photo, but just because he lost his phone doesn't mean the photo was destroyed.

So, ponder this, whoever found the phone not only got a free iPhone, but however many thousands of dollars he got for the photo.

Or, maybe whoever got the iPhone hawked it without realizing who that picture was of.

Then again, others insist it was a girl that took the photo -- also using an iPhone.

Go read the story.

Oh, and fun local fact, the house at 2201 Blossom Street has changed hands between when the photo was taken and this big blowup -- the new owners live in Mount Pleasant.

Also, in related news, Gov. Mark Sanford has said he doesn't think Phelps should be investigated by South Carolina officials for the incident.

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