Local surfer competes for national title (update: another write-up)

Update 9/22: Last update, we promise. Maybe.

Ryan Young from The Sun News had a nice interview with Cam and some of his younger colleagues. Read it here.

Update 8/9: Cam took the NSSA title in early July and he hasn't taken a break until now.

When we last reported on Cam (see below), he narrowly missed out on the Quicksilver USA Championship title. Just a couple weeks later he seized the NSSA championship. WPDE reported on it here and then followed up with another report here.

Ryan Young of The Sun News has a huge write- up on Cam including where he has come from and where he is headed. Read it all here.

Update 6/25: Cam Richards does South Carolina surfing proud with a podium finish.

Cam's best wave out of the three he was scored on was a 6.6 but it wasn't enough to beat out Parker Coffin's huge 8.0 and 9.8 waves. The commentators made mention how rare it is to see a South Carolina surfer make it so far into the national events.

First Report: Cam Richards of Pawleys Island is only 15 years old and has already won several surfing titles including 6 NSSA East Coast Champion trophies.

In other words, Cam is no stranger to winning surf contests. 

We found out from a Facebook tip that Cam is taking his talent to the national competitive scene where he is competing in the under 16 category for this year's Quicksilver USA Surfing Championships. He's doing so well that he has been recognized as "Standout of the Day" yesterday. View the video interview here.

Again nothing new for Richards as he was named in Surfing Magazine as "Standout of the Week" just a few months ago.



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