Myrtle Beach Marathon adding more runners

Flickr user TheDigitel Myrtle Beach

The weekend of February 16 - 18, 2012 might just get a little more crowded thanks to the city of Myrtle Beach approving more runners for the Myrtle Beach Marathon.

The race is fast approaching and runners are keeping strong during this time of holiday sweets and treats as they train for the 2012 marathon, but it looks like we can expect 1,250 more runners participating. The total number of runners is now at 8,000, this includes the full marathon and the 13.1 mile half marathon. 

After the 2009 marathon the city of Myrtle Beach feared expanding the number of participants due to security concerns. Thanks to a new route, however, those concerns are no more. The route change would have happened for the 2010 marathon but didn't due to it being canceled by the city after an unmanageable, unthinkable snow storm that blanketed the city with a whole three inches of snow. 

Head on over to The Sun News for their full write-up on the new route and additional runners. 

Keep up to date with the Myrtle Beach Marathon by visiting their website or joining their group on Facebook. And, yeah, there is an App for that

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