AP ranks Clemson football at No. 9

The Associated Press ranking has Georgia at No. 1 and Clemson at No. 9, while the Gamecocks just missed the cut. And, no you're not having deja vu, USA Today's report said the same thing.

South Carolina missed the cut by just one point.

Also, Clemson has been pegged to win the ACC this year, and is ranked No. 7 in ESPN.com's Power Rankings.

Big expectations for the Tigers this year.

TigerNet has a story on Clemson's reaction. In part, they quote Head Coach Tommy Bowden:
"I hope our team takes this ranking as a motivating factor, as something to uphold, then it is a positive," said Bowden. "If they think we have arrived, believe we have accomplished something and become complacent, then it is a negative. We won't shy away from it, but it will put a target on us. I am sure it will motivate Alabama."

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