Coastal Carolina basketball under NCAA investigation (update: Investigation closed)

Chirag Shah

Update November 14, 2011: NCAA Investigation has been concluded with no major violations found.

We now know the investigation (first report below) was triggered by CCU guard Desmond Holloway accepting a shirt from Coastal Carolina that wasn't available for purchase by the the general public. Twitter lit up with the news as soon as the press release from CCU went out. But WBTW appears to have broken the story first online. Their details are here. Twitter chatter:

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First Report: Earlier this year, the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers basketball program made national headlines.

But it's not the kind of national publicity anyone, especially head coach Cliff Ellis, wanted.

In February, The New York Times ran a piece about a NCAA probe that tarnished the Chants stellar 2010 season. The write-up elaborated on head coach Cliff Ellis' tenure at other schools, Clemson and Auburn, that also underwent NCAA scrutiny. 

Al Blondin of The Sun News recently revisited the issue and how it may affect the upcoming season and what new details they discovered about the ongoing NCAA investigation. Read it here.

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