Myrtle Beach Seahawks make national spotlight (update: Meet Chip)

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Update 11/14: WPDE News Channel 15's Mark Haggard made a little road trip down to Hilton Head to talk with the star of the Internet's latest viral video, Chip Mullen.

If you don't know the story then read the coverage and watch the videos below otherwise hop on over to CarolinaLive and checkout their story with the boy wont let having Down syndrome and an artificial heart stand in the way of his dreams.

Update 11/8 (HuffPo coverage): Check it out.

Thanks to Christina Lor for the heads up! 

First Report: One of the most talked about acts of sportsmanship around the country happened right here in Myrtle Beach. 

In the first round of the playoffs the Myrtle Beach Seahawks ran the scoreboard up over Hilton Head and, in the last play of the game, the Seahawks agreed to let Hilton Head senior, Chip Mullen, run in a 75 yard touchdown. Mullen, who has Down syndrome, is a well-known high school student down in Hilton Head who has had a career in, not only, football but wrestling, as well. 

The act of kindness the Seahawks displayed spread far across the sports blogs and even made it to number nine play on ESPN's top plays of the weekend.

Read more about Chip Mullen over at Low Country newspaper and make sure to head on over to Carolina Live for their coverage; also check out their video coverage below. 

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