S.C. Warriors ground the Fayetteville Flight by nearly 100 point margin

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At first it seemed like there may not be a game at all. By 7:15 p.m., The Columbus Riverballers were nowhere to be seen and three players in Fayetteville Flight shirts were warming up. 

Eventually, a couple of other Flight players appeared and by tip-off time there was even enough for a couple substitutions. In the end, it didn't matter much as the Warriors repeated last Friday's assault on the basket. The Grand Strand Sports Report has more details on the game as well as The Sun News.

The crowd wasn't as big as the last game, but the addition of a live band definitely added to the energy and it seemed like the announcing had stepped up a little bit. The Lady Warriors took advantage of the weekend to put some choreography together and had a nice halftime routine.

Next on the schedule is an away game against the 9th ranked Rocky Mount, N.C. Carolina Cougars.

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