Six Myrtle Beach area golf courses close for Summer (update: almost ready)

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Update August 16th: Right on schedule, the courses are nearly ready for business.

Can we get these guys to manage our road construction projects too?

Fall season is just hitting the radar and golf courses are gearing up for the prime golfing season. The Sun News updates that all the courses that were reported to close in May (see below) are ready to show off their improvements. Read the details here.

First Report: At least six golf courses have decided to bite the bullet and shut down 18 holes for a major turf overhaul this Summer.

Alan Blondin of The Sun News has all the dirt on which courses are closing and what grass they're using. Read it here.

As you can imagine, changing the grass your golf course is kind of a big deal. This isn't running down to your local home improvement store and picking up a bag of seeds. It's why Clemson University has an entire department devoted to turf sciences.

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