Warrior score another victory; Some locals underwhelmed

Flickr user TheDigitelMYR

Last night, Saturday, Dec. 3, the South Carolina Warriors made their debut at their new Little River home, handily defeating the East Point Jaguars with a score of 183-101. 

But not everyone was cheering. According to Grand Strand Sports Report contributor , the Warriors have a lot of explaining to do over perceived broken promises. Among the complaints Watkins fires at team owners with their tales of guaranteed 3,000 fan sell-out crowds, centrally located home court and the most recent being the promise of free parking at their Little River location. 

Watkins may not be alone in his complaint. He points to the Warriors Facebook page as proof of disgruntled fans who are mostly upset over the location of the new venue. Watkins does point out that the team, players, and coach are doing a great job and holding up their end of the deal, but wonders about the investors and owners. 

Head on over to The Grand Strand Sports Report to read his full write-up and let them know if you're a disgruntled fan or just grateful that another professional sports team is giving it a go here in Myrtle Beach.

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