Spring Jam Festival 2014 Gets Greener

Spring Jam Festival 2014 Gets Greener 

Charleston, South Carolina- March 31, 2014

Spring Jam Music Festival made strides to go green during the second annual music festival at Brittlebank Park on March 29th. Under the coordination of Gusto Group, Spring Jam Music Festival partnered with two leaders in the world of sustainability, EcoProducts and Food Waste Disposal.


EcoProducts, the leading manufacturer of compostable service ware, provided compostable cups for all beer and wine sales. These compostable cups are made from a resin derived from corn –a renewable resource – versus traditional plastic cups made from petroleum.


Food Waste Disposal, a Charleston-based company specializing in organics collection, collected approximately 10,000 beer and wine cups, along with other organic waste. Food Waste Disposal is the only company in the Lowcountry dedicated to recycling food scraps and organic waste by composting them at South Carolina's only commercial food composting facility. The company’s primary objective is to provide businesses with an economically feasible and environmentally desirable alternative to sending their waste to the landfill.


Additionally, recycling was also made available throughout the event for non-compostable, recyclable items. By implementing a greener approach to event planning, the festival diverted nearly 750 pounds of compostable material away from the landfill.


The festival was also proud to support the efforts of The Green Heart Project, an organization which builds community school gardens that educate urban youth on creating sustainable futures through gardening. The Green Heart Project regularly uses composted dirt to plant their gardens, while operating an organic and fully self-sustaining urban farm. The composted materials from the event will be given back to The Green Heart Project to use in their community gardens.


“Festivals such as Spring Jam have the power to bring forth greater change. We [were] poised to set a great example…that we can go green and still put on fun events that bring people together,” reports festival organizer, Hilary Johnson. “We believe in reducing our carbon footprint and…We look forward to growing our green efforts every year.”