Surfside at odds over parking meter discussion (Update: Committee's recommendations)

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Update 6/12/12:  The town's ad hoc parking committee has handed down recommendations in hopes of resolving the issues.

The recommendations include:

  • the establishment of a permanent parking committee.
  • adjusting "meter season" to be more reflective of tourist season
  • a change in the positioning of parking to increase safety.
  • beautifying Ocean Boulevard.

A workshop is being scheduled to further review the recommendations.  For more details, have a look at this Sun News article

First report: Surfside Beach has a parking problem near the beach.

To address the parking issue, a study was commissioned by the Town of Surfside Beach and an ad-hoc parking committee was formed to propose solutions to council. The Sun News has more details about the committee and the discussion. Read more here. In that discussion, parking meters came up and it has quickly become a hot button topic with area business owners and council members. Town officials say there's been misreporting and rumors swirling around that just aren't true. WMBF has more details and video here. I suspect this won't be the last we will hear about this story. 

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