French racing ship sinks in Bahamas and surfaces two years later in Surfside Beach

Photo Courtesy: DivingTop100's Facebook

A French racing boat went missing at sea in the Bahamas in December 2010 and found its way to 6th Avenue North in Surfside Beach. 

Diving Top 100 writes on their site:

For some reason she decided to surface in front of my house this evening...while we were sitting on the deck eating dinner.

When the wreck took place, all four of the crew members were rescued, The Sun News reports.  Their write-up goes on to say, "structural failure on the boat and a piece of the hull broke and floated away during heavy seas, eventually it was found 1,000 nautical miles east of Bermuda."

Read more about the shipwreck over at The Sun News.

You can see some before and after photos of the ship over at Diving Top 100's Facebook page. 

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