Tales of the Beard: Surfside man competing in Beard & Moustache Championships

Photo Courtesy: Tales of the Beard
"Me, scary?"

Saturday, May 26th Surfside resident Dr. David Powers will travel to Charleston to compete in the 3rd Annual Southeastern Beard & Moustache Championships

Powers,  a counselor and Pastor says he's been growing this beard for 14 months and will be competing in the, “Full Beard Natural Under 12 inches” category. He started his wondrous beard when clean-shaven and after a comment his child made to him about how he doesn't look "as scary without a beard"

255 Powers commented to WMBF News about his beard saying,

"As my beard grew longer and longer, I fully embraced the weird subculture that truly manly facial hair represents. I'd get compliments from dudes. Kids would run from me. Old people would run to the other side of the street. Outlaw bikers would nod their heads like I belonged to the fraternity."

Powers' beard hasn't just been something to greatly admire and be astonished by, it has also made him some money by participating in Viking reenactments, modeling gigs and appearing in TV commercials. Read more about Powers and his man-tastic facial hair by heading over to The Sun News and WMBF News.If you would like to get all the latest news and adventures regarding Powers' beard check out his blog, Tales of the Beard and of course The Beard of David Powers is on Facebook.

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