Grant money spent on t-shirts to promote a smoke-free lifestyle

photo by flickr user Call it Crazy
Please note that this is not a photo of the Surfside Beach t-shirt. We do not have a graphical representation of or any information about the design.

The residents of Surfside Beach were thrilled to get an $8000 grant to promote a smoke-free lifestyle in their town and then displeased to find out all of it went to t-shirts. 

WBTW reports there was a groan when it was announced that the money was already locked into a deal for the shirts and the opportunity to discuss other options didn't exist.   The grant was from Smoke Free Horry. a local initiative that has had a great impact on the Grand Strand over the last several months.  You can check out our topic page here, or have a look at their "News" tab here.

While investing the money in promotional materials wasn't a bad idea, we all know where this type of t-shirt get worn, right?  At the gym, walking the dog, doing yard work, or to sleep.  Unfortunately, no matter how cute they are, the likelihood of folks wearing one out and about isn't big.  Here's hoping that isn't the case in Surfside Beach. 

Regardless of this possible t-shirt trip-up, let Surfside Beach's early proactive non-smoking efforts not be overlooked.  It was the first town in Horry County to adopt a public-places smoking ban back in October of 2007. 

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