Top 5 Kayaking Spots In South Carolina

Just because its wintertime doesn’t mean we can’t think about the return of warmer weather. When the ice is melted we can start getting our kayaks ready for paddling. A lot of people confuse kayaking with canoeing but they are very different. Kayaks are usually lower, narrower and you alternate sides of the kayak with every stroke.

Kayaks were created centuries ago by the Inuit (also known as Eskimos) with driftwood and in some cases the skeleton of a whale. They were mainly used for hunting and fishing and were later adapted for recreational use. Kayaking has become very popular with outdoor fun lovers as it is an activity that combines fun with keeping fit at the same time. It can be as relaxing as you want with paddling on a calm lake or adventurous as you can handle on white water rapids.

South Carolina is home to a number of great places for Kayaking. The top five spots in South Carolina for relaxing kayaking are:

Cape Romain NWR

The Cape Romain NWR and Bulls Island is an incredible place for kayaking. Surrounded by unspoiled nature, you are likely to see dolphins, logger head sea turtles and a variety of seabirds.There are several place for kayak rentals, you can of course bring your kayak and of course a paddle. After you have had a relaxing day on the water, they also have a fantastic restaurant so you won't go hungry after spending your day on the water.

Goose Creek Reservoir

If your looking for wildlife, the Goose Creek Reservoir is the place to go. Here you will find a wide variety of birds including snowy egrets and ibis. If you want to try your hand at fishing, there is an abundance of speckled perch and bluegills. There is also a small population of alligators, but don’t worry they are all small and are not a danger.

Outside Hilton Head

Outside Hilton head is a fun place to go kayaking as they have great kayaks and knowledgeable instructors who will make your tour interesting. You will be taught how to use a kayak and given all the tools needed. It is also an excellent, place to enjoy sightseeing, canoeing, fishing charters, and boat tours, as well as dolphin and whale watching.

Little Dee Dee Heritage Preserve

The preserve a 38 mile section of the Lumbar River and is a paradise for wildlife lovers. As you paddle along keep an eye out for beavers, raccoons, otters, turtles and snakes. There is also an an abundance of birds, including; wood ducks, warblers, woodpeckers and Acadian flycatchers. It is advisable to take along a compass or a GPS unit because the river has many oxbows which can get you turned around and confused on how to get back.

 Edisto River

This 57 mile kayak trail meanders along with huge live oaks on either side of the river that are draped with Spanish moss. This is an ideal river for beginners with a current that pushes you along with a minimum of paddling. When you want to take a break there are many places along the way to go ashore and stretch your legs. You can expect to see many birds including; Kingfishers, Blue Herons and Egrets. Other wildlife that calls the river home are; water snakes, small alligators and turtles. Be aware you may have to get out occasionally to portage around fallen trees.