Browse centuries of S.C. history at the Digital Library

Image by 20081214-digital-library.jpg

As promised, here's a second "Sunday Spotlight."

A plethora of images, books, recordings, maps, and more from South Carolina's history are now available online at the South Carolina Digital Library.

The service is free to the public and can be searched, or browsed by topic. You can get a good overview of the program from this video.

I stumbled on a 1929 proposed project for the the west shore of the peninsula (view a high-res image of the pan here).

You could easily do a story on the project itself, or, more aptly, what parts of the project that never happened. Like how Murray Boulevard (aka The Battery) was to be extended all the way to The Citadel, or how an area that is still marsh today was to be a set of Polo fields. -- Also of interest is how the map show much of the old rail/trolley system.

Fascinating, I'm sure there are many other gems just waiting to be uncovered.