Five local women bloggers highlighted in P&C

Image by 20090116-bloggers.jpg

A green enthusiast, a fashionista, a mom blogger, a pastry chef, and a businesswoman are five local female blog personalities highlighted in The Post and Courier's piece on woman bloggers.

I think it's a great piece that really shows some of the vibrance in our community. Go read it.

We've done our own features in the past on Nikki Seibert, 26, of the "the.road.less.traveled." and indirectly on Caroline Millard, 20, of Holy City Style and This Is Carolina -- she also leads the College of Charleston's student radio station.

Off the top of my head, I could add at least five worthy additions to their list, but I think that might be too many new blogs in one day. But if you're craving more local bloggery, go check out Lowcountry Bloggers.