Whhat?!? Now Park Circle Coffee is closing?

On the heels of news that Rutledge Coffee & Cream is serving its last cup of joe on Saturday, comes the news that Park Circle Coffee & Cream is closing TODAY at 3.

Talk about from bad to worse.

It looks like they tried to cut costs, but the downward spiral that started when gas prices went up was just too strong to be stopped.

So, once again, don't forget to support those businesses you can't live without.

Head over to The Post and Courier for the story.

Park Circle Coffee is located at 1078 E Montague Avenue in Park Circle.

Also, Starbucks announced that it's closing 200 more U.S. stores (on top of the 600 it closed in 2008). Those locations have not been disclosed, but last time Charleston's Starbucks went unscathed.

But, too end with a bit of hope, this Post and Courier write-up mentions that the owner of Rutledge Coffee & Cream may open a store in Summerville at some point.