Carrotmob: We'll buy from whoever will go the most green

Image by Video and still from CarrotmobImage by 20090226-carrot-mob.jpg The notion is that corporate greed can be manipulated to make business go green.

The Carrotmob concept is coming to Charleston. What the heck is it? Basically a large group of consumers get together and will agree to come buy stuff from whichever store will promise to put a greater percentage of its sales towards being more "green."

The people win as local businesses see and hear more about the green movement, and one businesses really wins as they get lots of business (and a more energy efficient store).

Here's a bit more about the local event from their Facebook page:
So what we are doing in Charleston is this: we are contacting about 30 Downtown Charleston retailers with the plan. We are focusing on local businesses, and not corporate stores. We are considering everyone...and remember, this is a contest...focused on rewarding that store that really steps up to plate. The winning store will be the one who has committed the largest percentage of those daily revenues towards making their store more energy efficient. Then we bring the Carrotmob!

Right now the event is scheduled for Saturday, April 11. But that's a ways off and there's lots of things that have to settle, so we'll keep you posted.

Oh, and the event is being pushed by local green group Green Drinks Charleston.

Update February 26, 4 p.m.: Looks like the local Carrotmob has their own blog now.

Update March 3: In an e-mail the group has announced they're going to try and find a local coffee shop or bar to participate.

If you've got a suggestion, head over to their Facebook page.

Update March 3, part 2: They'll be discussing the plan at the next Green Drinks Charleston gathering on Wednesday, March 11, at 6:30 p.m. at Yo Burrito at 77 Wentworth Street in Downtown Charleston.