Alleged school bus rape hits the spotlight

In an incident stemming back to October, a 12-year-old student claims she was raped on a school bus by a 15-year-old student. NBC News 2 did some digging and brought the issue to the forefront.

In a Wednesday report they said:
A Charleston County father called news 2 hoping we could help him get answers as to what happened to his daughter on a school bus. His 12-year-old daughter says she was raped by another student on the bus.

She also said in May, the student tried to force her to have sex again. That's when she told a counselor, and the school called the father then. He says, "May I got a phone call from the counselor at her school. They told me that my daughter was saying she was raped on the bus at the other school while the bus driver was getting another student on the bus. There was a report filed in October, but they failed to contact us or let us know anything about it until may of the following year."

After that report Charleston Schools Superintendent Nancy McGinley addressed the issue on Thursday, saying to The Post and Courier:
A student on the bus told the bus driver there was some "inappropriate activity," but when schools officials asked the girl about it, she denied it, McGinley said.

"She said nothing happened," the superintendent said.

But the boy was arrested and is currently expelled from the school and the case appears to still be under investigation.

We'll keep you posted. Until then, follow the links below for the full story.

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