Bracing for sea level rise: Where would the walls go?

Image by Flickr user Kaitlin Shiner Image by 20091114-waves.jpg

The water in front of Charleston has been rising for the last century and will continue to do so. 

Regardless if you think it will rise only a foot or as much as three during the next hundred years, eventually coastal cities the world over will join others in having to decide how to confront the sea.

Will we be content to abandon many of our coastal homes, or will we stay and fight back the seas? If so, where would we have to erect barriers?

Read more stories on this subject in our sea level rise topic page.Well one group has made a first attempt at mapping vulnerable areas that would and wouldn't need protection, and The Post and Courier's Tony Bartelme has put together some nice perspective on the rising seas and the study's implications.