Looking for a few volunteer community editors and moderators

Image by TheDigitel Think of them as deputy badges.

With more than four years of postings and thousands of entries, TheDigitel has an extensive amount of information on Charleston news, events, locations, restaurants, culture, and more — now we're looking for a few volunteers to take this community site to the next level. 

With the ability for locals to write their own reports or refers others to interesting local media, this community site is already one of the most unique media sites out there — and now we're turning more of the site over to community management. 

Now moderators will be able to help energize the community to do more citizen reporting and local reviews, edit those contributions for consistency, write wiki entries about local topics, and help keep those that go off topic in line with community standards.

Interested? Great. Drop us a note at charleston@thedigitel.com

We might even hook you up with some schwag, and we'll be on standby for questions and to offer assistance. 

Right now we're just looking for volunteers in Charleston, but if you also have interest in helping out with our Myrtle Beach and Beaufort sites (or somewhere else), be sure to let us know.

Also, don't forget, contributions to TheDigitel aren't locked into TheDigitel, it's reusable under Creative Commons license.

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