Apple's King Street store opens soon; line forms

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Before midnight 23 people had gathered to wait for the store's opening.

Update July 26, 1 a.m.: The line has been going strong since 9:45 p.m.

First in line, James Heyward, 20, sported an Apple tattoo on his left arm and said, "I'm a huge apple fan, they have amazing products -- everything's compatible, you plug it in and it goes."

People coming out of bars looked slightly bewildered at the sight of people siting in chairs, and settling into pillows for the long (but warm) night ahead.

A list had been made of names to keep the order correct, as of 5 a.m. Apple Store representatives want to clear the front and move everybody across the street.

There are rumors that if the crowds get too big the store might open shortly before its official time of 10 a.m.

Original post: Apple's new store on King Street opens today at 10 a.m.

Apple store on King Street
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on the Apple store for photos and more.As of 8:30 the night before there wasn't much of a line, but be prepared for ensuing chaos. If you're hoping to land one of the oh-so-scarce iPhone 3Gs we'd suggest showing up early, or before the store opens. There will undoubtedly be a line for the opening, especially as the company has a habit of giving out freebies to the first customers.

Rumors say they'll be giving out t-shirts to the first 1,000 customers, and that there will be two lines: One for those wanting iPhones, and one for those note.

Hopefully they'll have a decent number in stock as iPhone levels across the country have rebounded somewhat.

We'll be dropping by, but if you're in line and bored. Drop us a line: or text to 8432525627.

The Charleston store is the company's first store in South Carolina. The store is located at 301 King Street, where Cumberland's used to be:[gmap markers=blue::32.7835222975902,-79.93493556976318 |zoom=15 |center=32.78271049637411,-79.93422746658325 |width=470px |height=250px |control=Small |type=Map]