87-cent gas in Aiken marks the official return of cheap gas

Image by 20081227-sprint-gas.jpg

No, that's not a typo, gas is at 87 cents in Aiken, South Carolina.

Last month we did a video about the falling prices.Sure, gas prices have been falling like crazy, but the price at several stations in the city of 30,000 started after a new Sprint gas station dropped their price to 97 cents to attract new customers, several nearby gas stations dropped their prices more and the Sprint station responded by dropping prices to 87 cents.

That's cheaper than Coca-Cola. Crazy.

Sure, it's a pricing stunt, and prices will go back up, but it's still crazy.

The lowest reported gas price in the Charleston area is still at $1.45 -- which is 40% of the price of gas here three months ago.

Here's a handy link to a list of where it's the cheapest in Charleston.