S.C. traffic plummets as gas prices soar

Image by Flickr user greg westfallImage by 20080912stop.jpg It can be hard for folks to follow red stops, but we seem to listen more when they're green.

Several checkpoints across South Carolina indicated up to nearly a 9% drop in traffic volumes from last year, The Post and Courier says.

While many were more modest 2-3% drops, one things clear: Gas prices are keeping folks off the roads. It's especially interesting when you note that we have tons of people moving in and still have fewer cars on the road.

It's pretty hard to imagine that this can't be a good thing, but The Post and Courier notes that less driving means less gas taxes for our impoverished Department of Transportation and, of course, fewer folks getting car repairs and going to gas stations.

Those are less than great for sure, but unlike high gas prices, their side effects might actually be good for this country.