Hey! We made the news!

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Today NBC News 2 -- our new favorite TV news station -- did a quick segment on what people are doing for work during the economic downturn.

And, lo and behold, they wanted to chat with me about this Web site.

It's a strange thing, on one hand I've worked in newsrooms for 10 years and run a news site, so seeing and giving shout outs is pretty standard fare for me. But, on the other hand, it's still oh-so delightful to be on the receiving end of such a shout out.

At any rate, the story is part of their "Problem Solver" segment and is also tied to their "Get A Job Monday" feature. Accordingly, the emphasis of the segment was on what people are doing for work and what words of wisdom I could share.

Like most interviews there was a bout 30 minutes of talking boiled down into about a minute. However, they were kind enough to give our Web site a big shout out.

But, enough chit chat, go watch the video.

Listening to the segment it sounds as though I was part of The Post and Courier's buyout (or just plain laid off), which I was not. But it wasn't like I didn't know the way the wind was blowing, if newspapers were doing great, I wouldn't have left. So, I suppose I can still be counted among the casualties.

Worth pointing out is that many of the people that help bring TheDigitel together are only here because of the collapse of the once-healthy media industry. So, yes, if the economy and media was healthy there would be no Digitel for you.

Some footnotes:
If the interior looks familiar, it's because I'm at my usual hangout, City Light Coffee.
It's only fair that I return the shout out. NBC News 2 is likely the most progressive of Charleston's traditional media companies, sporting three Twitter accounts. One from a reporter, one from their weatherman, and a third that reports their headlines.
Double kudos to them for making typing on a computer look interesting.
I probably should have shaved beforehand, but, hey, I run a Web site.