Make sure your taxes are correct, and don't expect your refund too soon

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Make sure to double check your math when you file your taxes this year. Otherwise, you might be waiting longer than normal to receive your refund. The IRS is reporting a pesky filing error is causing delays in processing new tax credits.

From the Post and Courier:

Taxpayers, and tax preparers, are being urged by the IRS to get their math right when figuring this year's federal "recovery rebate" tax credit. A "higher-than-normal" error rate is causing delays in processing the new tax credit, which is a catch-up for those who missed out on last year's federal stimulus payments.

"We're trying to stem the tide so folks can get their (rebate) money as quickly as possible," said IRS spokesman Jesse Weller.

For those who qualify, the so-called recovery rebate is $600 for individuals or $1,200 for a couple filing jointly, plus $300 for each qualifying child. Weller said about 15 percent of federal returns claiming the new tax credit have had errors, which can delay getting a refund check by a week or more. Weller said there is no truth to rumors that rebate errors are causing three- to four-month delays in processing refunds.

So there you have it, the government's latest attempt to make taxes more popular than ever!