Cragslist CEO wants an apology from McMaster

An excerpt from the Craiglist CEO's blog

Jim Buckmaster, CEO of Craigslist, wants South Carolina’s Attorney General Henry McMaster to apologize for what he sees as unjust accusations.

For some background on the investigation of Craigslist, check this story out.

Read more stories on this subject in our Craigslist topic page.Buckmaster blogged today, asking Attorney General Henry McMaster if he has fully considered the ramifications of his campaign against prostitution ads and pornographic photos on the classified ads Web site.

Here's an excerpt:

Have you fully considered the implications of your accusations against craigslist? What’s a crime for craigslist is clearly a crime for any company. Are you really prepared to condemn the executives of each of the mainstream companies linked above, and all the others that feature such ads, as criminals? craigslist may not matter in your world view, despite our popularity among your constituents, but mightn’t you want an endorsement from any of the SC newspapers for your gubenatorial campaign, whose publishers you’ve just labeled as criminals? Do you really intend to launch a criminal investigation against the phone company? What about potential new jobs connected to big data center buildouts in SC by Internet companies? Are you *sure* you want prosecute all of their CEOs as criminals???

Check out the blog for yourself.

Update May 19: The State has added an extended write-up over Buckmaster's demand.