Case of the speeding, argumentative off-duty cop gets odder (update x2)

Image by Flickr user Steve Lokomotiv

Update January 26:

Phinney is out.

Update January 17:

The Summerville Journal Scene has posted a YouTube version of the video along with a nice explanatority of what you're seeing; get both here.

Update January 16:

The Post and Courier has continued to follow on the story and has heard of some past issues that the officer in question, Christine Phinney, has had, and has acquired a second police tape with a better vantage point of the encounter.

Get it over here.

Also interesting is the bit that Phinney's husband may have come to the scene. Tony Phinney is a lieutenant in the Dorchester Sheriff's Office.

Update January 14:

Christine Phinney, the officer that found herself in an awkward spot for speeding and being uncooperative, is seeing more heat after a police camera captured this remark: "You know, I pull people over for driving 100 mph -- you know what they say? 'I'm a narcotics officer in an unmarked vehicle.' 'Great, well slow it down, have a good night.' As long as they show me a badge, I don't care."


The Post and Courier has this part of the story too, read it here.

First reporting:

A rather bizarre story popped up this morning at The Post and Courier in which an off duty North Charleston police officer allegedly led a Dorchester County sheriff deputies and Summerville Police officer on a brief car chase and then argued and disobeyed officers but was not arrested. 

Read more stories on this subject in our police topic page.Making matters more contrived is that the off duty officer, Christine Phinney, is the wife of a Dorchester County sheriff's lieutenant.

The story at The Post and Courier has some other bizarreness to it and is well worth reading up on, do so over here.

The lack of an arrest is almost as alarming as seeing yet another story in which a Charleston-area officer acted bizarrely over the holiday season.