2nd ex-trooper faces federal charge

John Sawyer, a former officer with the S.C. Highway Patrol, is now the second to face indictment after all those videos that have come out over the past year. Sawyer faces a federal charge of violating a suspect's constitutional rights after a video that appears to show Sawyer repeatedly kicking Sergio Caridi in the head.

From The Post and Courier:

The federal grand jury indictment alleges that Sawyer deprived Caridi of his constitutional rights and that Sawyer's actions resulted in injury. The grand jury indicted him on a federal civil rights violation.

"I think the indictment is appropriate," said state Rep. Leon Howard, chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus. "Just like we said all along, we want to send a clear message to people across the state and this nation that South Carolina does not condone this type of behavior."

The Post and Courier also has a good collection of stories on the issue.

From The State:

The widely seen video, recorded from the trooper’s dashboard camera, shows then Lance Cpl. Sawyer running up to Cardini and repeatedly kicking him after the man laid on the ground as ordered by officers.

Cardini had been ordered out of the dump truck he was driving after officers chased him for miles May 28, 2006.

Sawyer faces a maximum 10-year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine if convicted.

The first indictment related to the dashboard videos came last month, when a federal civil rights charge was brought against former state trooper Steve Garren.

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