Philips Street fire fits with serial arsonist's pattern (updated)

A fire that hit 201 and 205 St. Philip Street is said to fit the pattern of a rash of downtown fires that have affected downtown Charleston's crosstown area over the last several years.

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The latest fire started Saturday, January 3, around 9:45 p.m.

They've generally started with the ignition of debris on porches, and police have cautioned area residents to keep their porches clear.

I talked about the issue a little back in September.

The Post and Courier has some details now and is promising to talk about the story in the morning, I'll put that link here.

Update January 6: And, here's the updated story.

This part struck me as interesting:

Most of the fires have involved vacant houses or homes occupied by college-age residents within a few blocks of the Crosstown Expressway.

The firebug tends to strike between midnight and 5 a.m., lighting fires on back porches or stairways using available items such as a couch or trash.

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