West Ashley hairdresser abducted

A young West Ashley hairdresser was abducted Thursday night, September 4, by three young men who brought her to an abandoned home on James Island and threatened to kill her.

The young woman was called Thursday night at roughly 5:30 by a “church member” in need of a haircut. Desperate for money the young woman agreed to be picked up by the caller’s “cousin.” After fetching her, the escort picked up two others, who blindfolded and beat the victim.

The Post and Courier reports:
She said he shoved his knee into her back as they wrapped a blindfold around her eyes. She fought and struggled, and they beat her.

The men took her to a building, and ordered her to stay still threatening her life. She dodged for the backdoor convinced this was her only chance for survival. The gunshots echoed behind her as she ran to safety.

The men were described as three black men in their late teens or early twenties. They were not arrested Friday, and the police are investigating this abduction.

Check out the Post and Courier for the story.

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