Man, is it hot outside ...

Image by NASA/JAXAImage by sun.jpg This is the surface of the sun. Be glad you don't live there, at least.

It's been a pretty hot week so far, as I'm sure everyone already knows, reaching up into the mid-90s. And it's not even really summer yet! Well, don't expect it to go away quite yet. There's still at least a couple of more days of high temperatures expected before it starts cooling down again. Even then, though, reports say that it will stay in the 90s through the end of the week.

From The Post and Courier:

The vise grip of heat and humidity has the Lowcountry squeezed so hot that someone can break into a sweat standing still. There's not much relief ahead. Highs will be in the mid-90s through Wednesday, say both the National Weather Service in Charleston and, a private forecasting company. The Post and Courier is an customer.

That heat index? Don't ask.

Besides the heat, fear of drought are already being raised, as well. A look at State Climatology Office's drought conditions map paints a pretty rough picture, with all of the Lowcountry in "moderate" or "incipient" drought status.

Also, ABC News 4 has a report on keeping your home well-sealed so that you don't lose loads of cash when you run your air conditioner. According to the report:

Technician's with Smoak's Comfort Control recommend doing routine checks to make sure all the seals are well maintained. That also goes for your A/C unit. It should be maintained and working properly to ensure high efficiency.

"Once you have a demand on your air conditioning system, a lot of people didn't know it didn't work properly until the temperature reaches 90 and above," said William Smoak who own's Smoak's Comfort Control.

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