Charleston's top environmental issues of 2008

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A craze for more green, chemical-laden dolphins, offshore drilling, Johns Island's roads, the trash incinerator, and a denouncing of DHEC made The Charleston City Paper's top environmental stories for 2008.

Go read it.

I don't think they missed any big environment stories, but I have a couple of notes to toss in:

They tucked "coal power" under a debate coming in 2009, but it's already a big debate locally in several ways;
I was also a bit surprised to see no mention of our poor air quality and the port's misleading environmental report. But there weren't too many waves made over that in the local press; and
While they mentioned the battle over roads on Johns Island, they didn't mention all of the battles over the grand oaks to be chopped down for houses.

Still, a pretty solid hit on the nailhead by The Charleston City Paper.

Some other worthy footnotes from 2008?
Gov. Sanford, along with 121 ocean scientists, requested that Bush protect 23,000 square miles off the South Carolina coast -- that was before the big to do over offshore drilling.
A new rule slowed port traffic to protect right whales.
Got other ones that should be included? Shout in the comments.

Also, if you're into this whole "environment" thing, check out our environment topic page, and you might consider going to one of Green Drinks Charleston's meet-ups.