Fay growing in strength and looking away from S.C., for now

Image by NASAImage by 20080819faynasa.jpg Fay on Tuesday morning. More intense images indicate greater wind speeds.

Though Topical Storm Fay tropical storm fay is still expected to cut back into Florida and Georgia, it's still entirely reasonable to expect some winds and rain as the storm is expected to reach hurricane strength as it skids out into the Atlantic.

Accordingly, Charleston has been given an, upgraded, 38% chance of experiencing sustained 39 mph winds at any point through Sunday. And, a 10% chance was given for winds at 57 mph during the same period.

Fay forecastNOAA
Fay's expected path as of 9 p.m. Tuesday.

And don't forget, this could all change as soon as Fay hits the Atlantic waters.

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