Hanna stifles Charleston's Friday

Image by hanna.jpg

As of 6 p.m. Hanna had already dumped around 2 inches of rain in much of the Charleston area and had made life rather unpleasant.

Geoff Marshall headed out to the King Street area to see how folks and shopkeepers were holding up.

A sign on the King Street Apple Store said they were closed due to the "inclement weather." A would-be shopper stated, "I don't even know what that word means." Maybe she needed to work on her vocabulary, but we'll attribute it the natural hardiness of Charlestonians.

The worst of the storm will be coming around midnight:
Wind speeds are expected to continue to increase through tonight from their current 25 mph up to 40, 50 or even higher mph speeds. Some gusts will possibly even go as high as 70 mph.

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