Living car-free in Charleston

Ever thought about ditching the car for a bike? Curious how that we be while living in Charleston? Well, tag along with Nikki at her blog as she does just that.

Bike blogger nikki
NikkiHere's a bit of what you'll see, from her post "Maiden Voyage":
For those of you that also live in West Ashley and are wondering how the hell I am crossing either one of the bridges, here is a play by play. Just get on HWY 61, get on the left side of the sidewalk, and pray to god you don't hit any rocks when you are crossing over the bridge (you will be riding against traffic!). Since the city was generous enough to make the path all of 2 feet wide, you will have to dismount if someone is coming the other direction. If you are feeling saucey and choose to ride over either of the bridges on the road, then be careful crossing the grates- it could be one of the creepiest feelings possible.

And, she writes as to why she made the plunge:
There are so many reasons that I decided to take the leap to car-free, some because of money, others because of the environment. The one thing that I knew for sure is that I was tired to dealing with my car.

As of our writing, she's been going for nearly a month and has seven posts up so far, but follow along and see what insights she car share in a car-free lifestyle in Charleston.

On a related note, the City of Charleston has a bike and pedestrian advisory meeting coming up Wednesday (August 27).

Thanks to Charleston Moves for tipping us off.